About OAT

OAT-CHAIYASITH, a distinguished photographer with nearly two decades of experience, is a true artisan in the realm of visual storytelling. With a profound specialization in capturing emotions, OAT-CHAIYASITH has made a mark in advertising, corporate communication, portrait, and wedding photography.
Known for the tagline “Emotional in Details,” OAT-CHAIYASITH is an individual who meticulously attends to every nuance in their work. A seasoned professional, they bring a unique perspective to every project, believing in the transformative power of photography to convey intricate emotions through each frame.

Embarking on their photographic journey during their academic years in architecture and design, OAT-CHAIYASITH’s passion for photography blossomed. This passion led them to London, where they further honed their skills and collaborated with leading professionals in the industry.
Throughout their tenure in the United Kingdom, OAT-CHAIYASITH had the privilege of working with distinguished wedding photojournalists and delving into the world of fashion photography. This exposure paved the way for collaborations with top-tier magazines and conducting advertising photoshoots for renowned brands.

OAT-CHAIYASITH’s portfolio is a testament to their diverse experiences, from intimate portrait sessions with individuals and families to grand-scale wedding celebrations. Their ability to capture the essence of each moment reflects a deep understanding of the human experience.
With over a decade of hands-on experience, OAT-CHAIYASITH remains unwavering in their belief that a photographer is not merely a documentarian but an engaged storyteller. Every photograph is an opportunity to freeze a moment in time, creating visual narratives that endure.

As OAT-CHAIYASITH reflects on their 20-year journey, one thing stands out—an enduring passion that has shaped their identity as a visual storyteller. Join OAT-CHAIYASITH on this captivating visual journey, where each detail tells a story and emotions are immortalized in every photograph.